Social Media Final

I remember the night that I signed-up for this class last semester. I had no idea of this Social Media class meant but it sounded interesting and since I needed one more elective I didn’t hesitate in adding the class. I had no idea what to expect for this class but I told my good friend Cress about it and he decided to take as well. If I didn’t know what to do, at least we could help each other or continue to not know what to do together, which is always more fun.

It turned out that this class was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed meeting on Thursday nights. Class time was great and we always talked about interesting things that we could relate to. I learned so many different things in the class. My view on Social Media completely changed. Like most people nowadays I’ve been using some type of Social Media for quite some time but I had no clue that there was so much more to it than simply posting pictures and talking to my friends.

It was great to learn about something that I was already familiar with and to know how to use these tools to become a better professional in really anything that I desire to do in my life.

Because of this class I got a twitter and I absolutely love it. I always thought twitter was dumb and I refused to get one, but once I actually tried I really liked it. I follow so many people now and it’s so fun to “know” the people that we admire.

I also had to create this blog for class and it has been a great experience. I intend to keep working on this blog. I find it fun to write here and express my ideas and share things that I like or think are interesting.

Overall, I learned that Social Media provides us with powerful tools that if used correctly can greatly improve profit and really change the way we do business.


Show it or don’t show it?

The American Government is still debating whether they should release the picture of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body or not.  The White House informed this Tuesday that the decision is still being analyzed. This information came out after the new director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, had affirmed that there were no doubts that the image would be released by the Government soon.

Earlier in the White House, Jary Carney announced that the Government was still analyzing the picture because the image of Osama’s body was actually very strong.

According to him it was important to see if the releasing of the picture would serve America’s interests not only here but in the whole world. “It is a horrible picture”, he said. Mr. Carney affirmed that the picture is shocking the release of it would only generate more tension.

He also mentioned that the Terrorist was not armed when the special forces invaded his house but that he reacted and they were obligated to open fire. His wife, that was in the same room was shot on her leg and she did not die. This information is different from what “John Brennan” said the day before. He mentioned that Osama had used has wife as a shield and that they were both killed then.

The White House also shared that the death of Bin Laden will not affect the removal of the troops from Afghanistan and more so the relationship between America and Pakistan. “We are working hard in this relationship”, said Carney. The Pakistani Government was not pleased that they were not previously informed about the American mission on their soil.

There’s so much going on and all we can do now is pray for peace and wait to see what will happen.


“Don’t worry about your future man, it’s gonna come to you”. I remember when I was in high-school and I had no clue about what I wanted to do in life. I used to talk to some of my dad’s friends and asked the for some advise. Most of them were doctors, lawyers, engineers, were successful businessmen.

I got the same answer over and over again. They would asked me what was I good at, what were my favorite subjects at school, my passions, and then since I couldn’t really point out anything to them, they would simply tell me not to worry and that it would eventually come to me.

My problem it was not because I was bad student or that I couldn’t find something I liked. It was really just the opposite and I liked everything. I was lacking any talents either. I’ve always been successful and among the best in anything that I tried to do growing up. I tried sports and became the captain of my school’s soccer team, I tried music and learned guitar quick, I was good at chemistry, math, Portuguese, physics and Geography. I wasn’t a genius, but I had the ability to learn anything that I desired too fairly fast.

As far as school I tried different things. When I graduated from high-school I went straight into Dentistry school back in Brazil. I didn’t really know what to do, I was 18 at the time and my only reason for being a dentist was that both of my parents were orthodontists and I figured I could just continue in the family business. It took me a year in school to figure it out that I was not born to be a dentist.
An opportunity came for me to get my education in America and that seemed like a good idea to me. I still didn’t know what I wanted to study though. I decided to study music, then switch to business, then I figured I wanted to be a writer so I switched to English  and then finally I switched my major one last time to communication.

I am graduating with a bachelor in communication this Friday. College was probably the best experience of my life but if I’m gonna be honest I believe I learned from the general experience more than I learned in class. It is sad but I still don’t know a specific thing that I want to do with my life. I have many ideas and many things that I would like to do. My next plan is to work for a year and then enter in Law School. I would like to also open different businesses in Brazil and in the U.S.

There are many areas and many things that I could do, and I honestly believe that I could succeed in most of them. Still, I think it would be much easier if I was in love with one specific thing like some people who know they want to be doctors since they are kids.

Anyways, I also heard that a lot of successful people still don’t know what they want to do at the age 40. I hope I would know by then.

Ronaldo Phenomenon!

I remember the first time I saw Ronaldo. I was 7 years old and Brazil playing the 1994 world cup final against Italy. While they were playing in L.A we were in my grandpa’s addicted watching the game. It felt like we a stadium in there. My whole family was sitting all on top of each other, all wearing yellow with painted faces, we were screaming so loud and the place was filled with excitement. When Roberto Baggio took the last penalty kick and the narrator screamed “É Tetra! É Tetra!” (meaning that it was the 4th time that Brazil won the world cup) my uncle was was throwing me in the air and everyone was jumping and hugging each other. Brazil had won the world cup, it was the first time I had seen that happen and I will never forget it. I looked at the TV and I saw this 17 year old kid wearing braces. He was number 18 and on the back of his jersey it said Ronaldo, he was not a starter so I didn’t know who he was. At that time my heroes were Romário and Bebeto and because of them we won that title, but on the next year Ronaldo would become the most famous soccer player in the world and a hero to me and to thousands of other kids around the world.

In 95 and 96 Ronaldo shocked the world with his tremendous skills and beautiful goals. He gave us something we had never seen before. I had heard of players like him before, guys like Pele, Maradona, Zico, but I didn’t see they play. I saw Ronaldo, and what I saw was insanity. He was unstoppable. So you can understand, he dribbled like Messi, he had the acceleration and strength of Cristiano and he finished better than any other forward I can think of. He was the man. In my opinion there never was and probably will be a forward as good as him.

He was named by FIFA the best player in the world 3 times, and won the golden ball twice. He was considered the player of the decade and holds the record of goals in world cups.

Ronaldo was an inspiration to many people. In 1999 he injured he ruptured the tendon of his left knee and to many people he was never gonna be able to play again. After surgery and a lot of physiotherapy and training he came back and won the world cup in 2002, being named the best player in the world for the third time. Ronaldo played in a high level for years until that he was afflicted from different injuries culminating to the same tendon rupture he had had years before but this time on the right knee while playing for A.C Milan.

This time everyone thought Ronaldo was done but he still came back and moved back to Brazil to play for Corinthians in his final years.

Ronaldo is definitely a hero for the Brazilian people and fans of soccer from all over the world. In June 7th 2011 Ronaldo will have a farewell match against Romania playing for Brazil in Brasilia. Ronaldo will always be remembered!


“The New Album is Done” Mutemath!!


Mutemath has finished the recording of their new Album. The alternative band will probably shock their fans and people all over the world once more.

In August of 2010 Greg, their guitarist, decided to leave the band. There were no hard feelings or fights but an agreement that it was the best decision for him and for the band. “The split was certainly amicable and there are no hard feelings. We’re grateful for all the years Greg spent with us and wish him all the best”, said Paul.

For this new record, they decided to take a completely different approach on the recording. “The idea of complete isolation was the only thing that appealed to us. No camera guys, no producers, no engineers, no record label people, no management… NO ONE would hear or comment on what we were doing until we were done”, said Paul.

The band was locked down at Paul’s house in New Orleans for the recording and they were determined not do anything else until the deed was done. Hopefully it took them only 6 months. Because they wanted to be left alone, differently from the last recordings there were no videos or audios or really anything that was shared with the fans. “But we really set to make this album with as little distraction as possible. So I hope you’ll forgive us once you hear the results”, said Paul.

Knowing this band, I’m very excited that they were left alone and with no distractions for 6 months. I can only imagine how great the result it’s gonna be because when it comes to music, I do not know any band or any one who is more creative and talented then these guys.

The album should come out in September but hopefully they will show us some stuff before it’s all done!

PS. In case you’ve never heard of them… please take a look!

The New Bin Laden

May 1st of 2011 it will be forever remembered as a historical day. After 10 years of searching the American forces have finally found and killed Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the attacks of sept. 11 and the deaths of thousands of Americans and people around the world.

10 years after Sept. 11 justice has finally been made. There’s no question that Bin Laden paid for the crimes he committed against humanity but until what point his death is relevant to the families who lost their loved ones. I can’t imagine the pain that these families and friends who lost someone went through and even though the death of Bin Laden brings a tiny taste of some relief because justice is made, the question that I wonder is until what point is the taste of revenge really worth it? His death will not bring anyone back and neither revenge or justice will fill the void that these people left within those who loved them.

I want to believe that the celebration that took place all over the Country since last night is not because an assassin was killed but because this represents a victory to the American people.

Congratulations to Obama and his office. Congratulations to the American forces and everyone who contributed in this mission. The world is definitely safer without him, but it’s difficult to me do cheer the death of another human being.

A lot of effort was made in the killing of one man, but the organization still stands. Osama Bin Laden is dead, but if violence will generate more violence and I fear that will see more “Bin Ladens” and more war. The new Bin Laden is probably already on the move. His name is Zaiman Ai-Zawahiri, and he was Bin Laden’s second man. He was an Egyptian doctor and while he was hiding, he was the one who design the operations and directed the whole organization. He is considered more extremist then Bin Laden and he was the executor of all Al-Qaeda’s actions.

I pray for peace but unfortunately it may not come any time soon.

Practicing for the Big Day!

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived for the wedding rehearsal. They were accompanied by the Prince Harry, William’s brother to the Westminster Abbey in London this Wednesday afternoon, April 27th. Her father and sister also participated at the rehearsal.

William and Kate are getting married this Friday, the 29th, at the biggest even held by the British royalty over the last 30 years. Around 1900 guests are expected, including kings from 40 countries, politicians and celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham and Elton John.

There’s so much being said about this wedding that really has taken enormous proportions over the news across the world. It is obvious that it is a big deal that the prince of Britain is getting married and that the people there still care about their traditions and honor their royalty. In the other hand it seems a bit like a fairytale to me. In what century are we living anyways? I feel like there is so much going on in the world, so many issues that should be discussed such as wars, violence, hunger, poverty, social inequality and etc. But here we are talking about two PEOPLE who are getting married and somehow this event has become the most important thing ever.

Congratulations William and Kate! I hope you have a wonderful life, but now let’s get back to the real world, thank you very much.