Practicing for the Big Day!

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived for the wedding rehearsal. They were accompanied by the Prince Harry, William’s brother to the Westminster Abbey in London this Wednesday afternoon, April 27th. Her father and sister also participated at the rehearsal.

William and Kate are getting married this Friday, the 29th, at the biggest even held by the British royalty over the last 30 years. Around 1900 guests are expected, including kings from 40 countries, politicians and celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham and Elton John.

There’s so much being said about this wedding that really has taken enormous proportions over the news across the world. It is obvious that it is a big deal that the prince of Britain is getting married and that the people there still care about their traditions and honor their royalty. In the other hand it seems a bit like a fairytale to me. In what century are we living anyways? I feel like there is so much going on in the world, so many issues that should be discussed such as wars, violence, hunger, poverty, social inequality and etc. But here we are talking about two PEOPLE who are getting married and somehow this event has become the most important thing ever.

Congratulations William and Kate! I hope you have a wonderful life, but now let’s get back to the real world, thank you very much.


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